Creating great cities where everyone can be happy, healthy, and safe is not only done through innovative solutions, but also through good design. We offer various design solutions so that you can reach the exact expression that matches your project and vision.

Design according to your vision

Urban areas need more greenery and stylishly discreet installations in tasteful designs. We offer various design solutions for architects and landscape architects that allow you to reach the exact expression that matches your project and vision. 

Whether you need to design the right edging system for your planting beds, reinforce your project with a safety design for anti-terror, or find a unique way to install a benching system we are here to help. 

Beautiful urban spaces encourage people to stay in them and interact with each other. Good design gives aesthetic value and a beautiful result. Why compromise?

We work with
Customised planters
Impact rated street furniture
Landscape edging
Greenwall systems


We help architects, engineers, contractors, builders and landscape gardeners to create better, greener environments and wellbeing in urban areas throughout Europe. 🌍
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