We help achieve the goal of liveable cities

We facilitate the dream of cities built with green solutions that can resist the challenges of tomorrow. Together with architects, engineers, contractors, builders, and landscapers, we help create better and greener urban spaces that induce a sense of well-being and safety. With our in-depth knowledge of and experience with quality systems for establishing urban trees, edging systems, and wall-planting, we hope to help create liveable cities where people feel happy, healthy, and safe.

We are up for the challenge

As cities across the globe grow bigger every day, we strive to do better and continually improve our solutions to meet the new challenges. For cities to be spaces where people thrive and experience a high quality of life, urban areas need green growth and well-thought systems in almost invisible design. But they will also require new ways of handling increased rainfall and water levels.

When creating the cities of the future, we face a plethora of challenges. With more people relocating to a larger city every week, we need to rethink our way of co-living. A city should make room for the larger mass of people as well as for each person. Room for people to move and behave as a group, and for following one's path, having new ideas, and breathing in the fresh air. In all new challenges, we see possibilities. 

For nearly 20 years, we have imparted new knowledge to our partners and developed systems that improve urban spaces and landscapes all over Scandinavia. Our assortment of products includes innovative methods for planting urban trees, establishing edging, threshold channels, and green wall systems, as well as managing stormwater. All of which have been developed in close collaboration with leading architects, engineers, and landscapers.

Pick our brains – We share your vision

To help your vision of liveable cities become a reality,  we offer free consulting in tree planting design and water management in urban environments. Regardless of whether you contact us as an architect, contractor, or engineer, we can advise you in the initial project management, planning, implementation, and maintenance. Combining your idea and our experience with the interaction between urban spaces and vegetation, we can create a sustainable result by establishing green environments, urban spaces, and underground installations. Together we can set the standards for the cities of tomorrow.

We are ready with knowledge, prices, materials, and advice

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