Up for the challenge

We help architects, engineers, contractors, project owners and landscape gardeners to create liveable urban landscapes across the whole of Scandinavia.

We realise dreams and offer innovative products and services to generate green life even under the most challenging circumstances. With expertise in quality systems for establishing urban trees, edging and facade greening, together we can transform any metropolis into a greener and better place where all can thrive.

We set the highest goals of sustainability

For nearly 20 years, we have imparted new knowledge to our partners and developed systems that improve urban spaces and landscapes all over Scandinavia. Our assortment of products includes innovative methods for planting urban trees, establishing edging, threshold channels, and green wall systems, as well as managing stormwater. All of which have been developed in close collaboration with leading architects, engineers, and landscapers.

Share your vision with us. Take advantage of our yearlong expertise and experience.

To help your vision of liveable cities become a reality,  we offer free consulting in tree planting design and water management in urban environments. Regardless of whether you contact us as an architect, contractor, or engineer, we can advise you in the initial project management, planning, implementation, and maintenance. Combining your idea and our experience with the interaction between urban spaces and vegetation, we can create a sustainable result by establishing green environments, urban spaces, and underground installations. Together we can set the standards for the cities of tomorrow.

Meet a few of us

Our head office is located in Denmark, in the outskirts of Copenhagen overlooking lake and land. We operate internationally, so do get in touch. See the full overview of our employees on our country sites.

Benjamin Harding
Kirsten Tange
Nerijus Kubertavicius
Mark Walton
Ivar Sigurdarson
Wyatt Harding
Aleksander Webb
Mark Müller
Christopher Frebelius
Fanny Dahllöf
Mette Bentsen
Therese Tiger


We help architects, engineers, contractors, builders and landscape gardeners to create better, greener environments and wellbeing in urban areas throughout Europe. 🌍
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