Second Nature

Ocean-based Plastic

The threat of climate change requires all of us to rethink the way we're producing and make the most of our resources. That's why we're introducing a new initiative with products made from plastic that would have otherwise become ocean waste.

Plastic has become quite a problematic theme, and the current state of the global climate requires us to act. However, plastic is still a very durable material that, if used and treated right, will last a long time. So, at Milford, we're not quitting plastic products; we're improving them. Through a new partnership with Letbek and Plastix, we're offering a new aeration system made from old fishing nets, ropes, and trawls from harbours in Scandinavia – collected before they turn into ocean waste.

Turning the use of plastic into a circular system through the use of upcycled plastic reduces the carbon emission of a product by up to 95% in comparison to virgin plastic. We also offer the service of collecting our old products, so that no Milford design will ever be wasted. The products don't just support the UN's sustainable goals – they help us create a better and greener future.

“We need to build the foundations for a circular system”

We've talked to our cooperation partner, Letbek, about the future of recycling plastic to make the most of the earth's limited ressources. You can access the full interview with CEO of Letbek, Michael Bayer Thomsen here.

“Taking care of the world we live in while actively trying to create a better is second nature to us and everything we do. Creating liveable cities is more than a slogan – it's a promise.”
Wyatt Harding, CEO of Milford
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