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We offer an assortment of products and innovative solutions for the urban landscape and construction this includes urban tree planting solutions, metal planter and edging products, threshold channels for aeration and drainage, wire systems for green walls, as well as rain- and stormwater products. For the complete Milford solution, you can combine everything with our urban design series featuring benches, litter bins, and bicycle racks.

We offer free consulting for all our products and have in house landscape engineers and CAD designers to support you in the choice of solution and how to add it to your project.

We can advise you in all stages of your project from planning and implementation to maintenance.

Urban tree planting

Root management and control
Watering and aeration
Tree tying and establishment
Tree grilles and guards
Structural soil systems

Stormwater management

Surface water management
Retention and infiltration
Rainwater and trees
Local rainwater harvesting

Landscaping & design

Grass reinforcement
Wire system for green facades
Roof and podium channels
Threshold channels
Metal edging systems
Steel planters

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